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Even if one lineage, was a matter of taste nothing alike

H. Sujana Nana is one of the teams I'm Jeep Galunggung frontman of Tasikmalaya. Hobby of off-road adventure PO Bus Sakura's owner was also decreased in both his son. When the father began to reduce off-road activities, the second son, are being Actively participate in various competitions.

Initially the brothers who faithfully wear Daihatsu Taft engine was exchanged with Toyota 2L-T diesel modifications. "Wear 2L-T engine first it was sufficient and able to compete with the others," said Henri Dunan older sibling who also Andri Apau.

When using PTO "Satan" from Malaysia to explore the world of off-road homeland, Hendri and some off-road enthusiasts Tasikmalaya make PTO "CPL" or commonly called Hungry Monkey Cap PTO. The principle works more or less like a PTO Satan. Even though with his ability.

Along with the development of technology and adventure competition format, use Toyota 2L-T engine perceived difficulty competing gasoline engines, such as former Cherokee, Toyota Supra 1JZ, Chevy 350, and so on. It was decided to rebuild a competitive combat vehicles.

The result? Consider just three jeep spec-based Taft GT that has been modified in accordance with the tastes and character of its owner.


It seems Toyota Supra 1JZ engine choice so make the right choice Dunan Hendry. Jeep enthusiasts dibesut semi tubular fried noodles is so ferocious. Heard the roar of the engine in line with the rate in the jeep off-road tracks. To get maximum handling, Hendry diligently attending various events off-road competition.

Although be set for off-road adventure, apparently still determined to follow Hendri speed off-road. "Incidentally disponsorin Haji Ade, under the banner of Shen Jian Off-Road Team. The target is increasingly okay let jeep used a variety of off-road competition events, "said the man born in 1982.

Characters that tend to promote adventure track speed makes Hendri not hesitate to try more speed off-road track. Target champion is not the main goal, but to get the right setting, both the suspension and engine become paramount.


Henri Dunan Technical Specifications

Chassis: Daihatsu Taft GT 1989 Custom Tubular
Body: Custom
Engine: Toyota Supra 1JZ VVT-I
Engine Configuration: Inline 6 Cylinder
Volume Engine: 2,500 cc
Ignition: OEM Toyota 1JZ
Header: Custom
Clutch Plates: Custom
Air Filter: K & N
Gearbox: 4-speed manual Nissan Patrol advanced
Transfercase: Nissan Patrol
Axle: Daihatsu Taft GT
Final Gear: 1:3,7
Locker: Las (rear)
                                                         Suspension: King bypass shock (front-rear), Per leaf Taft GT                               (front-back)
Tires: Simex Extreme Trekker 32 "
Rims: Custom
Jok: Summit
Safetybelt: Crow Enterprizes
Radiator: Custom
Winch: PTO "Satan" Custom
Floodlight: Rigid Lightbar (front-back)
Tank: Custom Aluminum with full braided fuel line and Rotak Wallbro
Meter Indicators: Autogauge
Stir: Momo
Power Steering: Daihatsu Taft GT
ACCU: Incoe
Workshop: Custom Dunan

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